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UI Design + Sprites for an online poker game

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Eralp    142
Hello, I have been developing an online poker game with javascript frontend, and now I am in need of sprites and someone who can make interface designs too would save me time.

I tried to google for game design companies which offer 2d graphics assets services but I only could find free assets, those are no help to me :)

So I'd like to ask you where can I order and buy graphics like this? A company is preferred but it's not a must. I am not sure if this is the appropriate forum but you should be the ones who know this best I guess.

Another thing is how much would it cost roughly to create all the graphics of a poker game from scratch? Or better said with $400 what would be the quality like compared to facebook poker games ?

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BrianJensen    343
Here are some cards you can mess around with, kind of the basic design used by nearly EVERY card company.

Cost depends on what programs you use and if you can draw, GIMP = free

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