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[web] Balloon's mail, release!

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We have released our first flash game "Balloon's mail"!
We have sold the game at FGL auction for 600$...

Fly into the sky, collect all stars and help a little Balloon to deliver the mail! Clouds will help you in it, wisely use them!

Use the mouse or any key to light the fire of the Balloon. Turn on/off clouds for transporting. To drop the mail use spacebar.



[/b][url=""]Shared mochibot[/url][b] [/b]and[b] [/b]screenshoted stats at 6th August:[b]





[b]The Game[/b]
[url=""]Play "Balloon's Mail" at TurboNuke portal[/url]

We welcome any feedback and your opinion about the game!
Please post your comments here - I'd like to know your opinion!
If you have any questions, I'll try to answer it...

If you like it, you could set 5 to my game on [url=""]Kongregate[/url] and [url=""]NewGrounds[/url]...
Thanks in advance!

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