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XNA Tutorials

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Hi everyone,

So i didn't know where to post this as i couldn't find a 'community tutorials' section if this is not an appropriate place please move this topic rolleyes.gif

Im newly registered here but i've been programming for about 10 years im 22 years old and i started with good old QBasic i progressed quickly to vb 4 5 6 and then .net
Anyway i am here to let everyone know that i've started a series of XNA 4.0 Tutorials for VB.NET!!! as ive noticed a lack of VB support among the XNA community.

Firstly id just like to let everyone know that i am not the 'Worlds Best Programmer!!!' or claiming to be perfect some of my videos may not have the best method of doing things and i would gladly accept anyones feedback or more efficient solutions and make amendments as necessarily biggrin.gif

All of my examples are recorded in Full HD 1080p, with full 24bit 96khz audio and compressed into 320bitrate MP3 Audio so the quality is fantastic.

You can find these tutorials and many more hopefully with a new tutorial per day / week over at my blog

For anyone who is Skeptical to visit my site lol here are the direct youtube links rolleyes.gif
Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

The first lesson deals with initializing XNA in vb.net 2010 (.net 4.0) using XNA 4.0 on a windows form.
The second lesson deals with Initializing the content pipeline without the use of the 'XNA Game Loop'

I really do hope these tutorials can help many people as ive spent countless hours trying to tackle the 2nd lesson (Initializing Content without Game EASILY) all source is provided and thorougher videos to accompany

To anyone who thinks i am advertising my website for selfish purposes by posting this you are only half correct. i hope that in the spirit of sharing this information with the community this post will not be hated / flamed as advertising. my website does not / will not contain advertising and is being provided more or less as a solution for archiving the videos in sequential order to make it easier for people to access them in order :)

Good luck with your projects and please comment back some feedback / things you'd like me to cover in the future. i am planning to do a basic RPG engine tutorial from start to finish as a video series covering the entire development including creation of art etc.

Kind regards to the gamedev.net community and all the people here whos posts, topics, tutorials and websites have helped me in my learning process's im happy to be giving something back to the programming community after many years of taking furthering my own skills.


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