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DX9 Font scrambling

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sipickles    240

I have a reasonable well developed DirectX9 engine I use for games and interactive kiosks. Part of this is a text-rendering UI.

I am coming slightly unstuck with my latest project which requires Hungarian characters, for example in the word FELNÕTTEKNEK (Firefox seems to render that special O okay!)

If I render it with boring ARIAL typeface I get the expected result:


To get the accent correct I had to switch from DEFAULT_CHARSET to EASTEUROPE_CHARSET when creating the font:

[source]D3DXCreateFont( m_device,
m_point, 0,
m_name.c_str(), &m_font );[/source]

So now I switch to my preferred type face, Futura CE Medium. WTF? The text is scrambled. I am puzzled by this because the 'CE' bit mean it contains the extra central european characters.


My application is using multibyte characters but it can render the special O in Arial, why not this other font? The character appears in text files encoded with win-1250 and win1252.

Is it a unicode font?



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