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Got Some Good Ideas, Can Anyone Make Apps?

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[quote name='NateDawg7733' timestamp='1313170058' post='4848333']
I got some good ideas please reply to this message or message me

Sorry, That's not how this forum works. Or any other forum I've come across, to be honest.

If you want to discuss your ideas, you have to actually tell us what they and what aspects you wish to discuss. Have a look at some other people's posts to get an idea of what is acceptable, as well as reading [url=""]this advice[/url]. If you want people to turn your ideas into an actual functional game, then go to the [url=""]Help Wanted[/url] forum, taking care to read the [url=""]posting guidelines[/url], and then start a topic there.

Due to the sheer lack of effort put into starting this topic, I think it's probably better off closed. If you want to discuss your ideas [i]after [/i]following the advice in this post, please start a new one either here or in Help Wanted as appropriate.

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