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Asteroids with Static Sprite; Center of Screen

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Hey guys. I guess that this is a Noobie question, mostly. I've been toying around for a few weeks with XNA (I am a Java programmer, not really a game programmer) and I've gotten pretty capable with the C# Syntax.

My problem now is that I want to make an asteroids game where the ship stays in the middle and the objects move relative. I found this C++ example, but I couldn't discern the code well enough to understand.


Hopefully somebody here can help me out. Your help would be greatly appreciated!


P.S. More on the project at

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You have two basic options in order to solve this problem.

The recommended one is to allow the ship to move around the world freely and just keep the game focused on it (meaning keep the camera on it).
To do you this would have to be able to designate what part of the world you want to draw based on where the ship is.

The bad option is to move the entire world and keep the ship in the same spot. I would not try this because it is a bad programming practice for larger games and the camera work you would learn to use would be much more important for future games that aren't asteroids.

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