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[web] Text Based Game

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Hey Guys
This is my first post and i hope its a good one.

I am looking to create a Texted Based Game like and i am looking for some ideas from the public.
I have created one before but got bored due to not enough input from other people.
This game will be created using PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Javascript, and JQuery.

The kind of ideas i am looking for;
[i] - What to put in the game?
- Should there be multi race's and what kinda races?
- What would you like to be able to do in this game?
- ECT.......[/i]

What ever you think of will be put into plans and creation if deamed sutible and reliable.

Also anyone who would like to lend a hand or help out, Please contact me eather thought gamedev forums or my email address Subject : Text based game help

Thank you for reading.

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Character creation, stick to only a handful of races, too many and the player is spoilt for choice. Plus it will make it difficult to manage and blanace everything out. You may need to tweak how races evolve in a game otherwise you may have one race having a major advantage over the other, and your users will notice this. Keeping things balanced at the start will help the game progress for much longer. Then based on the number of users per race it will determine the outcome based on their actions. I'd suggest maybe prevent users from selecting a race that has far too many people, so if one race is 5-10 players ahead of any other race, block it out and only allow the other races to be selected.

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Well you are going to have to make it easy in use and yet make it advance so people stay on the game. Quite often what you see with this sort of game e.g Mafia Wars etc (on facebook) is that you just repeat the same thing over and over and over again so over time it becomes boring. So you have to having something unique about your game that will draw people in and make them return. Quite often myself I register to many text based games but they are all the same so I don't ever come back. The one text based games that I think is very unique is eRepublik. As it balances between the economy, politic, fighting etc.

I believe that most popular are medieval fantasy games. So you can either stick to that or create something different, unique. Although I would suggest that you stay the hell away from space games, those sort of genre ended at the end of 20th century.

With 'races' you should give players a choice and do clear positives and negatives of each race. Although don't do 50 races, just do 3 or 4, otherwise people will spend hours on deciding and that's not the main point of the game.

Of course you have to have both NPC and PvP battles. Although with the PvP make it that players can attack only like 2 levels diff. either side. Because in games like evony many people leave because more powerful players constantly 'farm'/attack the new players.

You have to make the game easily playable for teams as well as solo play, Like don't do quests which require someone to party up with someone as some people don't like/want/can't play with someone else.

Obv. you want to make some profit out of the game so you probably will add premium content, which can kill your game. An example of my own here, I was playing a certain MMORPG for a few years and I quite good and powerful, and this guy came payed for stuff and in 2 or 3 months he became more powerful than me, making the game unbalanced. So you can add things but make sure that they don't destroy the balance of the game. Also you can have surveys etc. this way even people who aren't willing to pay for the game can get some bonuses and you still make money :) Again if you will have adverts on the website don't let them destory your game, don't have damn pop up every 30secs informing you you won an iPod as it's both annoying and distracting so people will leave.

You should have guilds, and in those guild have buildings that help you (e.g. +0.1% HP regen and increasing when building is upgraded).

Party system for bosses.

Events, like treasure hunts or special seasonal e.g. Christmas events and competitions.

/Go and look at some popular games and see why they are popular and add it in your game/

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This is an interesting thread as I want to create a similar game too but I want to avoid space domination-resource management genre and the mafia genre.

I was thinking about creating a higly specializable and customizable RPG that centers around a duelling arena where 2 people can basically utilize their characters in a turn based environment, kind of like some card games. The characters will have different items obtained throught different things and will have many many more features of customization. The final part would be done in Silverlight or something similarly capable.

If you like the idea then you can consider it. I am still in the idea phase as yourself and will check back here constantly.

Dont want to hijack this thread but if you are an idea-guy and want to have your browser game made, please send me a message with the description.

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Hey sorry forgot my details so had to get a new account, and your ideas

[b] [url="../../user/188530-hnikolas/"][color=#B57438][b]HNikolas[/b][/color][/url]
Are realy good and i will put them into condieraction my dear friend, All i ask is that you help with images and ideas, I can code and create some images but i will need help add my msn

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Hmmm not sure if you're still doing this project, but another idea which could work, is instead of sticking to one era/genre you could do 'evolution'.

What I mean by this is start with prehistoric era and get people to achieve certain goals and then they can evolve.

Pre-historic era.

Ancient Egypt goals:
•2 weeks old
•won 30 arena battles
•started fire
•killed a t-rex (boss)

Bronze Era goals:
•1 month old
•won 100 arena battles
•member of a clan/guild/house
•killed a pharaoh's mummy (boss)
•made 3 different weapons

and you can carry on with as many eras as you want. And as a player advances to the next age, different quests/monsters/items/weapons/skills are available.

This could make it more interesting as this way people would know that they are going towards a goal.

Good luck (:

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