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Vertex Texture question

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I have a little question about Vertex Textures in DX9 (Note: I am not using .fx files).
In my project I have a pixel shader ps.psh and a vertex shader vs.vsh. Both use a texture (sampler myTex).

In order to set both textures I use this code to get the corresponding sampler register:

D3DXHANDLE handle;
if( handle = g_pConstantTableVS->GetConstantByName( NULL, "myTex" ) ) {
UINT count;

g_pConstantTableVS->GetConstantDesc( handle, &constDesc, &count );

if( constDesc.RegisterSet == D3DXRS_SAMPLER )
g_pd3dDevice->SetTexture( constDesc.RegisterIndex, g_pTexture );

The problem is: Both "myTex" for the VS and PS have register index 0! What happens, if I now call g_pd3dDevice->SetTexture(0, g_pTexture );
? Do I set the texture for both VS and PS? How can I explicitely set the textures for the VS and the PS?

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Hi !
just add in your shader :

const uniform sampler2D colorMap : register( s[0] ) ;
const uniform sampler2D normalMap : register( s[1] );

with a setTexture to 0 for the first instruction et 1 for the second one.
PS : colorMap and normalMap are examples here.

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Uhm, actually I do not want to use the register keyword. And why the square brackets? Is this a special syntax to mark "vertex texture samplers"?

I don't understand how this should work. How should DX9 know what I mean with device->setTexture(0, foo); 0 could reference the first sampler in my pixel shader or the first sampler in my vertex shader!

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Thanks MJP! Yes, I also found this site, but it wasn't very helpful for me. Sometimes it bugs me that they just can't give a simple example.

Ok, so when I query the registerIndex from a Vertex Shader constant table the index are (kinda) offsets that have to be added to D3DVERTEXTEXTURESAMPLER0, aren't they? For example if I have a vertex shader like this:

sampler myTex;
sampler myTex2;

then I would set them this way:

device->setTexture(D3DVERTEXTEXTURESAMPLER0 + constDescOfMyTex.registerIndex); // constDescOfMyTex.registerIndex is probably 0?
device->setTexture(D3DVERTEXTEXTURESAMPLER0 + constDescOfMyTex2.registerIndex); // constDescOfMyTex.registerIndex is probably 1?

Is this correct?

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