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C#, External Commands

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I'm working on a C64 IDE (C#, C64Studio). Most of the common stuff is down and working nicely. I'm using .NET 2.0 with C#, Visual Studio 2008.

I've hit a snag I'd like to overcome:

I'm trying to implement pre, custom and post build scripts analog Visual Studio. The plan is to have a command script (one or several commands) which need to be processed. If one command fails skip the following commands.

My first attempt was to use System.Diagnostics.Process with cmd.exe, /K as startup arg and feed the commands per [size="2"]StandardInput. That works fine, however I don't notice if any one of the commands fail. I obviously get the result of cmd.exe itself.

If I use every line by itself the basic commands won't work (because they're implemented by cmd.exe, not as standalone files).

How would one go about this? I want the result of every single command and be able to capture output and error streams.

I could try to analyze the commands and if the common "copy" or other commands appear redirect them to cmd.exe, but that sounds rather fragile.

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