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What should I do with this?

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I started working on this thing, but lost my motivation. I have bad imagination and I'm out of ideas.
Everything you see is all I have. I'm not sure what the graphics should look like and what should be the game objective etc..
Only one thing is certain: this is going to be a small and simple game (I don't like complicated things).
What do you think? Do you want a mini-starcraft? Or shoot 'em up? And do you have any suggestions for the title?

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3D pathfinding would be hard to implement, if you have NPC's.

But it would be cool.

You could have them like little ants, going in and out of buildings. Maybe even underground tunnels/bunkers.

EDIT: Underground cities. MineCraft style.

EDIT: Here, you can use my sprites. [url=""][/url]

Selection sprite:

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A zombie defense game where the terrain is randomly generated (see maze generation for patterns) and YOU being the last one alive
have to place yourself and your mines/autoguns/traps etc to cover all the ways the zombies will try to come to eat your brains.

The initial static defenses you place wouldnt be much of a game after that phase so there would have to be some dynamic elements where you
would have to patch your defenses (buildings fall down and leave gaps etc...)

I suppose there could be resources that you would have to choose to defend and build extensions to power/work into your defenses (ie electric line/gas lines)

maybe initially having to explore the map to find what it looks like so you can decide before the wave of zombies arrive.

Some moveable items might be resources that can build barriers

An extension into underground tunnelways (hidden layers) could beadded (I see openings on some of those 'buildings'

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