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Circle-Line Collision

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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction or give me some example code on how to work out the collision point between a Line segment and a circle.
I have Points C1, C2, P1, P2 and the radius of the circle.
I need to find out ithe position of X when the edge of the circle hits the line.


Thanks in advance!

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Let v = c2-c1, q = p2-p1, n = perp(q)/|q|, a = c1-p1

then solving for x = c1 + t.v for unknown scalar value t

there are 2 cases to consider; the circle hits a vertex first, or the circle hits the line between the vertices first. Note that if you draw a line perpendicular to the line segment through the centre of the circle at x, then it will touch the point where the circle/line touch, so that gives you how to determine the time for the circle->edge case

For the circle to vertices case you have (for both vertices) |c1 + tv - p|[sup]2[/sup] = |tv + c|[sup]2[/sup] = r[sup]2[/sup] => t[sup]2[/sup]|v|[sup]2[/sup] + 2t.a.v + |a|[sup]2[/sup] - r[sup]2[/sup] = 0.
For the circle to edge case you have ((c1 + tv - p1).n)[sup]2[/sup] = ((tv+a).n)[sup]2[/sup] = r[sup]2[/sup] => t[sup]2[/sup](v.n)[sup]2[/sup] + 2t(a.n)(v.n) + (a.n)[sup]2[/sup] - r[sup]2[/sup] = 0

so you have 3 quadratic equations in 't'. solve all 3 of them and choose the minimum value >= 0, and this is the 'time' of collision.


for the circle-edge case you'd also want to check that the intersection between the line containing c1,c2 and that containing p1,p2 is actually on the line segment before considering this case.

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Another cheap trick is to offset the line by the circle radius and then intersect the shifted line with the trajectory of the circles center. This reduces the circle-edge case to a simple line-line intersection problem. You still have to check for intersection with the endpoints though.

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