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Hey, this is Sage from Team Morning Star. We are in the state of expanding our company and creative talents are needed. Currently we cater to many various crowds, game design and development being one of those. The focus as of late has been on the expantion of our gaming division within the industry. For those who do not yet know of Morning Star, let me explain what we do. We are a multi-media company based out of the U.S., the staff consist of 7 people, all holding some unique talent in the media field. We seek to collect the talent of similar individuals and work together in an effort to create a contract media station, meaning that companies can come to us for their multi-media needs, whatever they may be. We also do a lot of our own productions and projects and that''s also the reason why we need to expand. So far we cover web design, clothing production, graphic art, character design and various other game related aspects (including design documents),and soon we will be adding a music and a technical audio divison to complimant our current abilities. What we hope to do now is add members to our company for the gaming division. We are looking for 2D sprite artist/animators (either or), 3D artist/animators, Editors (as in grammer), and supportive game design teams(sub-teams that work together with our resources to build game projects). In addition to the artist side, Morning Star would also be interested in interviewing programming applicants. If you have made a game above the Tetris level before then you are qualified for the basics that are needed at this time. The key factor here is that this is not for a paycheck just yet. All members who join Morning Star however will recieve stock in the established company, what we call "sweat equity", and of course as the company grows, salaries will begin to take effect. If you are interested in other divisions such as logo design, comic art work, or just graphic art, we do pay by the job for all works produced under Morning Star, but that''s another issue. I must warn any interest persons that this is not a short term thing to just do, this is for the long haul, that is why newbie participants are welcome. All of our members live day to day with the sol goal in mind of making Morning Star better and more successful, that is exactly how we have accomplished so much within a relativly short amount of time. The 10 year plan is to establish one end of things ( games, clothes, multi-media) and cap up revenue to throughly train all members in their desired field simutaniously, ( meaning the company will pay for your higher education towards the field you are working in. Besides that, you will be intorduced to a vast netowrk or resources containing just about everything you could want in relivant fields. I would also like to metion that we here at Morning Star operate on a very personal level. No one is really seen as being above or more important than anyone else, we are a team, so in addition to being all that was described, we are looking for go getters, and people who take initiaives to do things as individuals and work well as with others. If you are interested in joining Morning Star, you can contact me at: our website is located here: thank you -Sage13

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