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Completed my game, how can I distribute it?

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I have completed my first 2D game using VC++ 2008 and DirectX 9.0, I did not use any other helper library like sound and other stuff, the sound is WinAPI PlaySound()..

Unfortunately, I don't have another computer to test if it will work on it..

in general, will it work on other computers that have only the run time DirectX 9.0 or later?? know that I distribute the .EXE file of the game along with the "sounds" and "graphics" folders...

when I put the file and the 2 folders all together in one folder in a separate place in my computer, the game works, will that work on other computers??


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Hard to say, but impossible to guarantee. There are dependencies, the least of which is the MSVC runtime. Generally this is one of the biggest pain in the ass issues, regardless to language you used.

With C++ I would generally recommend using an installer. Installshield is one of the most common and I think it is included in VS 2K8. VS2K10 has some built in installer features, but I don't think they were available in 2008. Finally, you can try nullsoft's free installer ( [url=""][/url] ), which ive not used.

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