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Memory leaked due to reassignment help

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I have a problem in my mfc app in that a particular function is reported by BoundsChecker to be leaking memory. Here is the function:
//FF_FILE_INFO is a struct that contains cstrings and a char*

bool FastFileCreate(FF_FILE_INFO *Data, 
                    int NumItems, 
                    int State, 
                    CString Path)
    //comparestruct just compares a certain CString member

    //of FF_FILE_INFO


    char* DataPtr=NULL;

    FILE * fpDst = fopen( Path, "wb" );

    for (int intFileName = 0; intFileName < NumItems;     
         intFileName++ ) 
        //Data[intFileName].Data;//is the char* of FF_FILE_INFO

        //it has been created(allocated) with new


        //here I fwrite the data pointed to by DataPtr to disk


    fclose( fpDst );

    return true;

Now the problem boundschecker has is with the line that ends //PROBLEM. I can see why it is saying there is a memory leak here because I have a pointer to memory allocated with new and then without deleting that memory i reassign it to point to a different block of memory. The problem I have with what BoundsChecker is saying is that I still have a pointer to each block of memory in my array of FF_FILE_INFO that is passed into the function and after the function returns I delete[] it like so:

FastFileCreate(Data, 20, 3, Path);//above function

for (int x=0;x<20;x++)
So i am actually deleting the data that boudschecker thinks is causing a memory leak. when in the function i do DataPtr=Data[intFileName].Data, I am not copying the stuff that is in Data[intFileName].Data, but just getting another pointer to it, write it out and then assign the pointer to the next Data[intFileName].Data. So I just dont see how this can be causing a memory leak and yet when i run it if there are a lot of FF_FILE_INFO's in the array Windows will eventually tell me I am out of memory. I probably havent explained this very well but if anyone could help me to figure out where I have gone wrong I would be most appreciative. Thanks Edited by - Zeke on September 20, 2001 7:19:43 AM Edited by - Zeke on September 20, 2001 7:20:45 AM Edited by - Zeke on September 20, 2001 7:21:09 AM

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That should not be causing a false leak report. I suspect that there is a real leak somewhere.

Anyway, try

1. Setting the DataPtr to 0 when it exits and also when you delete the ptr outside the function.

Also, Why declare the Data_Ptr outside the loop? Do this
for (int iFileName = 0;...)
char *DataPtr = Data[iFileName].Data

DataPtr = 0;

Better still, why use pointers? Use references when getting an instance to the Data.

But I suspect that will not solve the problem but it''s worth a try.

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