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Creating ingame lighting / using lightmaps

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Hi we are the programming team 00Laboratories ( [url=""][/url] )

We are currently writing a game engine + game, but we now have a little situation, the ingame lighting.


As you can see we attempted some light maps, but this is unusable, we are really lost at how we should implent lighting, I will add the snippet of source code creating the current ligting surface.
Is lightmaps the best way to go? Are the better ways that are managable within a few days that anyone could help with? It would be greatly appreciated!

Language = PureBasic
Structure cLight
x.f : y.f : z.f
r.f : g.f : b.f

Global lightmaptexture

Procedure generateLightmap(*V1.Vector3D,*V2.Vector3D,*V3.Vector3D,*light.cLight)
Define.f DistX,DistY
Define.Vector3D tV,tV2,Normal

lightmap_tex_num = 0
If lightmap_tex_num <> 0

DistX = Vector3D_Length(@tV)

DistY = Vector3D_Length(@tV2)


;quality of lightmap
xQuality = 16 ;DistX / 2 -1
yQuality = 16 ;DistY / 2 -1

;array containing pixel colors
Dim cData.c(xQuality*yQuality*3)

Define.f u,v,stepX,stepY
stepX = 1 / xQuality
stepY = 1 / yQuality

For i=0 To xQuality - 1
For i2=0 To yQuality - 1

tV\x = DistX * u
tV\y = Disty * v
tV\z = 0



d = Vector3D_Dot(@tV,@tV) * 16
If d < 1
d = 1
tmp = 1 / d

cData(i * xQuality * 3 + i2 * 3 + 0) = 255 * tmp * *light\r
cData(i * xQuality * 3 + i2 * 3 + 1) = 255 * tmp * *light\g
cData(i * xQuality * 3 + i2 * 3 + 2) = 255 * tmp * *light\b

u + stepX
v + stepY
u = 0

glBindTexture(#GL_TEXTURE_2D, lightmap_tex_num)
glPixelStorei(#GL_UNPACK_ALIGNMENT, 1)
glTexImage2D(#GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0, 3, xQuality, yQuality, 0, #GL_RGB, #GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, @cData())

ProcedureReturn lightmap_tex_num

Thanks! ( other shots are visible [url=""]here[/url] )

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We for some reason want the game to work on very low end old pc's so we'd like low cost lighting , static lightmaps. But i've a hard time finding good articles about it.please help us.

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Is there anyone here that can help us on our specific problem with some resources or code snippets, instead of complaining about why we would like anyone who has a less modern performance computer to be able to play our game? There must be someone here who has written a static lightmap system before, I appologize if this sounds offensive, it's not meant that way.
We could still implent more fascinating lighting after we get opengl > 1.5 working for integrated graphics or whatever reason there is such a low version.
Thanks for any help possible!! :)

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