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Zeond Games

indie(Function);.Game Dev Radio Magazine and Videos.

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[color="#1C2837"]Indie Game Development Media + Education


[color="#1C2837"]Latest Video


[color="#1C2837"]Latest Radio Broadcast.



[color="#1C2837"]Latest Magazine: Issue#10

[color="#1C2837"]HD Version [5.1 MB] View in Browser | Mirror | Download (High Definition, better graphics, bigger file size.)[color="#1C2837"]

SD Version [N/A MB] View in Browser | Download (Standard Defintion, worse graphics, but smaller file size.)




indie([color="#FF831A"]Function); is a new indie game development media and education "company" consisting of a radio show, magazine, and soon to come, an educational book series. Lead by myself, Bret Hudson, we plan on becoming a big source of news for the indie game development community. We are not just limited to GameMaker; we cover indie game development in general.


So far, we've had nine radio shows. The official name for our show is indie([color="#FE0001"]Radio);. It's a weekly radio show, that is broadcasted at noon on Saturdays (US Central Time). Below are links to all the broadcasts.

[color="#1C2837"]Broadcast 9 - 13:03 - 7 Live Listeners - August 6th, 2011[color="#1C2837"]Broadcast 7 - 38:35 - 34 Live Listeners - July 23rd, 2011[color="#1C2837"]Broadcast 6 - 23:43 - 23 Live Listeners - July 16th, 2011[color="#1C2837"]Broadcast 5 - 26:36 - 12 Live Listeners - July 9th, 2011[color="#1C2837"]Broadcast 4 - 27:06 - N/A Live Listeners - July 2nd, 2011[color="#1C2837"]Broadcast 3 - 51:59 - 25 Live Listeners - June 25th, 2011[color="#1C2837"]Broadcast 2 - 22:29 - 53 Live Listeners - June 18th, 2011[color="#1C2837"]

Broadcast 1 - 30:42 - 21 Live Listeners - June 11th, 2011


We also have a magazine, called indie([color="#6FFF00"]Magazine);. Click below to be redirected to viewing and download links for each issue.

[color="#1C2837"]Issue 10 - HD Version [5.1 MB] - SD Version [N/A MB] - August 14th, 2011[color="#1C2837"]Issue 9 - HD Version [1.3 MB] - SD Version [N/A MB] - August 7th, 2011[color="#1C2837"]Issue 8 - HD Version [1.4 MB] - SD Version [1.0 MB] - July 31st, 2011[color="#1C2837"]Issue 7 - HD Version [3.1 MB] - SD Version [1.4 MB] - July 24th, 2011[color="#1C2837"]Issue 6 - HD Version [5.0 MB] - SD Version [1.5 MB] - July 17th, 2011[color="#1C2837"]Issue 5 - HD Version [4.5 MB] - SD Version [1.2 MB] - July 10th, 2011[color="#1C2837"]Issue 4 - HD Version [4.1 MB] - SD Version [1.9 MB] - July 4th, 2011[color="#1C2837"]Issue 3 - HD Version [2.6 MB] - SD Version [1.0 MB] - June 26th, 2011[color="#1C2837"]Issue 2 - HD Version [2.3 MB] - SD Version [1.0 MB] - June 19th, 2011[color="#1C2837"]

Issue 1 - HD Version [4.8 MB] - SD Version [2.1 MB] - June 13th, 2011


Just released a VERY early preview of our first book, part of the indie([color="#993CF3"]Books); series, mainly to show everyone we're working on it! http://www.youtube.c...on?feature=mhee


We hope you enjoy indie(Function);, and check in with us often!

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