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Effects in Direct Sound 8 using native C++

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Problem 1:
I have applied effects directly on played sounds just for testing and when I turn down the volume or stop the sound, the echo will also stop as if it was applied to the input.
#define AddEffect(DESCS,COUNTER,NAME) \
memset(&DESCS[COUNTER], 0, sizeof(DSEFFECTDESC)); \
DESCS[COUNTER].dwFlags = 0; \

DWORD EffectCount;
DWORD Results[16];
DSEFFECTDESC EffectDescs[16];

// Write a list of effects
EffectCount = 0;

// Apply them to each sound for testing
LoopForwardLengthFromZero(i,NumberOfSounds) {
if (EffectCount == 0) {
hr = SoundCollection[i].SecondaryBuffer->SetFX(0,NULL,NULL);
} else {
hr = SoundCollection[i].SecondaryBuffer->SetFX(EffectCount,EffectDescs,Results);
I want to play all sounds into another secondary buffer that save performance and play the effects even when I stop the sounds but I can't figure out how to connect secondary buffers to each other.

Problem 2:
The example that I found for dynamically setting the effect parameters does not work with native C++ because it is written in C#.
I can't find the method GetEffects in the secondary buffer and without dynamic parameters the effects are useless.

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