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Black M@mba

Problem with PhysX

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Hi guys,

i have some weird problem I really don't know how to solve it. I'm using Physx SDK v3.0.2

My scene contains a kinematic actor and a dynamic one. All in all it's the representation of a palette (dynamic) and the fork of a forklift (kinematic).

The goal is to move the kinematic actor below the dynamic one, lift it up (Y-Axis) and then move the kinematic actor forward (X-Axis).

Well, lifting up the kinematic actor works perfectly - the dynamic actor gets then translated accordingly. But as soon as I move the kinematic actor forward, the dynamic one still rests in its position.

I set up two materials, for testing purposes both friction values (static, dynamic) are set to 1.
Kinematic actor has a density of 8.0 (steel). I also tried some higher values - to be sure it's not about units... ;-)
Dynamic actor has a density of 0.47 (wood).
I didn't change anything in direction of anisotropy (friction) as well.
Gravity is set to -9.81.
Dynamic actor is awake the hole time. (isSleeping-method returns false).

btw, what's exactly the meaning of those static/dynamic friction values? Isn't this coefficient normally a pair of two materials - i.e. "how much" friction you have between e.g. wood and steal, wood and concrete etc.?


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