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Hello everyone,

I'm interested in developing a program with properties that I will soon describe, and I wanted to find the best engine or programming language for the job.

The program contains a 3D world, filled with basic objects- lines, cuboids and 2D text (I mean, text that is always facing the screen).
The world will be fiiled with a very large amount of this basic objects, and therefore I want the tool to include optimizations (Level of detail and such), instead of me having to code them by myself.
That world should be dynamic- I mean, I want to be able to change it during run time (Not load once on startup).

The program should also contain graphical user interface (all kinds of menus, buttons and such), that allow navigating around that world and changing it.

So far I have built only the world part, in OpenGL. The reason I'm looking for another tool is for the optimizations and for the GUI.

I am sorry if General Programming is not the correct spot for this question.

Sincere thanks,
Jacob Summers

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Is this c++? I recommend Ogre3d. I made my game with OpenGL but eventually it was just so much easier to switch to Ogre. It has pretty much what you want and more. I redid all my stuff to use it really quickly and gained a great deal of other stuff from it. You can tell it to use OpenGL "under the hood" if you want. There's also a varierty of scene managers to choose from so you could pick whatever will be best for your project. I haven't used an lod stuff myself but I see mention of it in Ogre when I'm doing other stuff so I believe it is supported.

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