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Good Afternoon ~ thanks for reading!

I am trying to figure out a variation of a state machine, what i am calling a 'scenemanager'.

Each scene will have its own state machine. What i need to figure out is the best way to communicate a scene change while trying to avoid singletons and globals.

My thoughts are,
Return value from Update() to signal change. Seems like the anti-KISS.
A message system, instantiated at the top and passed into constructors; and listen for a change. Could also help in the menu state to save menu item changes?
Polling the active scene. Seems like the KISS.

I'm trying to keep the 'scenemanager' flexible and robust. I'd like to be able to "drag-and-drop" a new scene.
Whats going to be my best route here? or am i going about this all wrong?
Any assistance or reading materials would be appreciated..

Thanks again! [img][/img]

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