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[java] J3D Engine

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Hi everyone, I have recently started on a J3D - based game engine. As a first step it should only become a hl kind of engine for mod creation, but all based on a nice class model, that will allow plug in at a lower level and use it for a 3d adventure for example. If you are interested in more details, mail me at Java RULEZ!!!

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I am currently coding a 2D engine for our RPG-RTS game in Java. I am using GF4J but maybe, as I am still at the beginning of the actual graphic engine coding (in fact I have already re-started from scratch more than a couple of times), I could be interested in your 3D engine. Our game would go from a baldur-style to a Warcraft3-style. At first look I didn''t want to use 3D as I am not a true 3D programmer so I don''t want to code my own engine. Idem for 2D so I decided to use G4FJ which is by far the easier 2D API I have seen so far. Recently, I felt upon q2java that made me realize that such an engine is nice because you don''t have to define data structures for 3D models, textures and maps, manage model motion etc. But q2java is quake2 and is not pure java. Same for Opale Soya (used for Arkanae) which is gl4java, although I was quite impressed by the performance and quality of the graphics.

Well, your project sounds interesting to me, especialy if it allows mod coders to build games like warcraft 3.

Anyway, for now, as you seem to just start the project, I will continue my game dev in 2D (I would like to have something running for the end of the year so the others can start producing graphics and audio) but I will think of a a more generic engine so I could go for your engine (or any other 3D engine) in the future.

If there is a mailing list or so, I would like to subscribe to be informed of your progress. (

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