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easy (?) recursion problem

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Hi i need some help writing a proper recursion loop, but im simply to stupid to get it right :)

ive got an array, lets say int[10]. im trying to fill this array, and the values i want it to be filled with get calculated in a recursive loop recurse() operating on some arbitrary tree, which nodes are of the data structure A.
the data i want to retrieve is stored in nodevalue.
so what i tried was something like this (this is just pseudocode, it wont compile, so if you get what its doing, pls dont comment on any blatant mistakes)
struct A
int nodevalue; //data
int numChildren; //number of children
A** ArrayOfChildren; //array with pointers to children

int val[10], *pVal = val;

recurse(A *a, int* pVal)
for (all children from i to numChildren)
recurse(a->child[i], pVal);

now obviously this cant work, because as soon as the first recursion returns (when some node B has no children), pVal will reset to the element it pointed too in B's parents' stack frame...
now this seems like a super simple problem, but i cant figure out how to do this =). is there an easy way to do this without actually returning the position of pVal? (i.e. int* recurse(A *a, int* pVal) {....; return pVal}
i need the return value for something else :/.
also, i dont want the function getting crowded with variables, because the problem seems so easy actually...

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ah nvm, found it XD
all i had to do was pass along the adress of the pointer, since that one doesnt change between stack frames, that solved the problem :P
told you it was easy :)

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