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python importing woes

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I am trying to use a Python library which accepts PIL images as input. However, I kept getting strange errors.

Eventually, I discovered that the problem is that I imported PIL using import Image whereas the library imported it with import PIL
and Image and PIL.Image appear to behave differently.

Anyway, I am a beginner to Python so I haven't seen this before. What is the reason for the incompatibility? What can I do to prevent this?

>>> im ="twilight.png")
>>> im2 ="twilight.png")
>>> isinstance(im, Image.Image)
>>> isinstance(im, PIL.Image.Image)
>>> isinstance(im2, Image.Image)
>>> isinstance(im2, PIL.Image.Image)

Edit: On further insepction, it looks like the library isn't even consistent with its type checking. In some places it uses isinstance(im, PIL.Image.Image) and in other places, isinstance(im, Image.Image).
Maybe I should just try to extract the useful bits of the library and strip out all the type checking.

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