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Ubuntu paid games/apps

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[font="Verdana"]Wanted to let everyone know that Canonical has opened up the portal at [url=""][/url] to a public beta.

[b]What is the Ubuntu Software Center?
[/b]It's the primary tool used to find and install software on Ubuntu.
It's available to all users of Ubuntu.

[b]What is the paid marketplace in the Ubuntu Software Center?
[/b]It's a channel by which anyone can sell an application or game.
It works similarly to the Apple AppStore or Android Marketplace (blind channel)

[b]What does this mean to me as a developer?
[/b]Access to ~20m active users
[/font][font="Verdana"]You can sell or list your free "commercial" app. (free OSS apps go through a different process)
It's another avenue for distribution to a wide, captive audience.

[b]How do I submit an app/game?
[/b]Head over to the [url=""][/url] portal and submit.

[b]What happens after I submit?
[/b]We'll package it up into a native ubuntu package format (APT or .deb) and notify you when it's ready.
You then price it and "publish" it.

[b]What does it cost?
[/b]We hold back 20% to cover our costs for packaging, hosting, and providing the payment service.

[b]What can I put in the Software Center?
[/b]Anything that will run on Ubuntu. Native apps/games, downloadable games, free to play games, flash, unity, etc.

[b]What games/apps will not be accepted?
[/b]We cannot accept demos, trials, or anything with a key or upfront registration requirement.

Go submit your app today!

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