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c++ and com api

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I have a C + + MFC project that reads from a program through a COM API.
The problem is that this program has changed and is passed to the next version.

I interface with the server through this sample code :
IUnknown * punk;

CLSIDFromProgID hr = (L "PippoXXX.XXXObject", & clsid);
hr = CoCreateInstance (clsid, NULL, CLSCTX_LOCAL_SERVER, IID_IUnknown, (void **) & punk);
hr = punk-> QueryInterface (id, (void **) & m_pPippo);
[/ code]

How do I know the CLSID of the COM server (which in my case is a .Exe) or otherwise the string to pass to the CLSIDFromProgID function(in a distribution optic)?
And if there are more than one version of the program, how I interface with the program rather than another?

Com is still a valid way to create an API for exporting data or access to functions?
there are some good books on the subject.
Thank you.

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