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perspective projection problem

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i have been reading recently about perspective projection and decided to implement a simple demo. (which includes a simple cube and a 5*5 units grid)
after implementing the perspective projection , i faced a strange phenomena when the pov is near to the box, the grid lines get corrupted (gather towards one point) also if i get more nearer the box is corrupted also.
i feel that this is a property of perspective projection that i don't understand
here is a picture

you can try the demo [url=""]here[/url] also (mouse wheel is used to zoom)

any illustration well be appreciated , thanks

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[quote name='Volgogradetzzz' timestamp='1313647968' post='4850628']
Hi. No, it's not property of [color="#1C2837"][size="2"]perspective projection. It seems that this artefact is result of division by zero. What is value of near plane in your demo?[/size][/color]

the near plane value = -10
the far plane value = -20

may be because the lines is out of frustum ? i haven't done any clipping yet.

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