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(FIXED 4 Days to find what was going on)DX10 Rendering to stream out

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When rendering to a stream out do I need to wait for for the streamed buffer to have data.

because if I have a loop like so

for(ctr = 0; ctr < 10; ctr++)
rendertostream(mesh[ctr];//each mesh has its own buffer that gets streamed to

and then I try to render the streamed out buffers straight after the loop above is done and nothing gets rendered

but if I first render to the stream then I quit out and come back later and render the streamed buffers it works.

Well you dont need to wait for the streamed buffer.

One of my shaders was setting the depth stencil state to false.

Placed this cond in the fx tech and it worked

// State
DepthStencilState DisableDepth
DepthEnable = FALSE;
DepthWriteMask = 0;

DepthStencilState EnableDepth
DepthEnable = TRUE;
DepthWriteMask = ALL;

SetDepthStencilState( EnableDepth, 0 );

had me there for a while needed to post and like always just after posting I find the issue.:)

how do I find out when my stream has been filled.

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