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[MMOG] Tribes And Khans

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Hi everybody !

I'm working on a Flash MMO Strategy Game, and I've just achieved the 2nd version.

What is the context of the game ?

Tribes and Khans is a medieval war strategy game, allowing player to build cities, manage the workers to get resources, build weapons, grow cities, create armies to extend their kingdom or protect their borders and cities from the ennemies.
Everyone plays in the same board, 24h/24.
The board is a hex-map, players can record the path of their units : therefore there may be interceptions.

Links ?

the game : http://tribes-and-khans.uralys.com

How has it been done ?

The client side has been developed with Flex 4, and the server side with Java.
I use Google Appengine for the application server, and have chosen JDO to deal with the datastore.

A browser strategy game, there are so many ! In which way could this one be interesting ?

As I introduced before, the moving of the units is on a hex-map, and everyone plays on the same board.
Players can play in alliance, so you may imagine how they can assist a state of siege or attack/defend from different side of a kingdom.

How the game evolves on the server ?

Every 10 minutes, resources are calculated in every city.
An army needs 20 minutes to go from a cell to another, while a merchant needs 15.
Depending on the size of the building your workers build in the city, the work will take many hours.
Therefore, this is a long-term game, where you will build your kingdom gradually, and support your allies to build theirs.

What tools have the players to play together ?

The alliance mechanism is not just to say "I give you my word we are friends", and a player is officially in a single alliance at a given time.
Your allies are in another color on the board, you share your armies.
There is an in-game mailbox to help communication.

Who works on the project ?

Three people make the team : two graphists works with me, as I am the only developer.

Screenshots :

[attachment=4970:Capture d’écran 2011-08-17 à 11.48.46.png]
[attachment=4971:Capture d’écran 2011-08-17 à 11.50.31.png]

[attachment=4972:Capture d’écran 2011-08-17 à 11.51.52.png]

[attachment=4973:Capture d’écran 2011-08-17 à 11.58.52.png]

[attachment=4974:Capture d’écran 2011-08-13 à 16.01.23.png]

[attachment=4975:Capture d’écran 2011-08-13 à 16.01.15.png]

Any feedback, question, test will be very appreciated !


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