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Need an algorithm for converting 0-n to 0-255

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distance is 0-n, I need to convert the distance to 0-255. If I could I would do it like this for example: increasement=256/max_distance;
But I can''t in this case. I need it to be somehow check with the current distance. Here''s what I''m trying to do with a circle:
if(x<sqrt(rad*rad-(y*y))) //if the current coordinate is within the circle (adjustable center not implemented yet, it''s 0,0 currently)

dist=(int)(sqrt((float)(y*y+x*x))); //dinstance from 0,0

red+= 255 - //<-distance modifier here = distance somehow converted to 0-255

// 255 - might also be 0 + depending on the way that the distance is converted

// I thought it would be easier to make it so that the dist. modifier would be 255 when distance is the max_distance(=the radius of the circle), hence 255 - dist_mod

I know this is an easy question, but my brains are seriously jammed atm and I can''t figure out it by myself right now. So any help would be appritiated. thank you

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double multiplier = 256/n;

now if n were say 128.....the multiplier would be 2
so any distance would be mutliplied by 2 to get the distance in terms of 0 to 255

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