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Want to design an anime-style anthro character?

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I know this post doesn''t belong here, but it got ignored in the helpwanted forum, so... Hello, I''m sunandshadow (Mare Kuntz), the head of the "Gimmie Those Wings!" computer game design project, S3D programming. "Gimmie Those Wings!" will be a single player adventure/role playing game with anime style art, and all characters will have anthro features. Currently we are asking for character designs and taking applications for staff artists. This is a volunteer game design project and there will be no payment unless and until the game is completed. But, you get the chance to see your original character design in a computer game - cool and ego-gratifying, ne? And of course you get your name in the credits, and you retain the rights to any artwork you create. So, here''s the deal: You may submit your design for one of the characters described below. You may do this as many times as you like. If you want to be a staff artist you must mention this in an email. I will reply with more information. The characters: All characters must have human-style faces and knees. All characters must have animal ears, fur, tails. Hands must have paw pads and claws, but be human-shaped. All characters must be attractive, and must be of ambiguous gender (at least when they have clothing on). Characters should have an adult version with a taller, narrower face, and smaller eyes, and a child version with a shorter, wider face and bigger eyes. Color is optional. Cheek fringe, tufted ears, cat-pupil eyes, and visible fangs are optional. Tail type is your choice. You may suggest a name for your character - if you do, this name must be genderless, e.g. "Moonshadow", "Atheriard". Please send me a url linking to your image or a low-res attachment of it. Calico - This character has patched fur. One patch completely covers their left eye, and another their right pectoral. Angular heart-shaped face. This character is practical, mothering, and amused by life. This character is ''pretty''. Dun - This character has a dun coloration pattern: contrasting color on nose, ears, cheek ruff if any, neck and belly, from thighs or knees and armpits or elbows downward, and a stripe down the spine. Rounded heart-shaped face. This character is ''cute'' and somewhat messy-looking. Spots - This character has leopard spots (choice of leopard species your choice). Shield-shaped or triangular face. "This character is ''beautiful'' (Think bishounen if you know what that is.) This character is egotistical and has a touchy temper. Stripes - This character has zebra/tiger stripes. Oval face. This character is ''sexy'' and mysterious. Other - your own design, please follow all guidelines above. Due date is October 1st. Send urls or attached drawings to or post them here. Thank you for your attention!

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Guest Anonymous Poster
but a lot of projects are " Dead in ze Egg" as we said in France.
So, could you put URL of your team project for a quick view ?

Maybe i can help with furry art...

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It will be a few days before the actual website goes up - my own drawing time is going into making some graphics and a flash animation so the site will look decent. In the meantime, there are forums at (go to sherman3d, community, forums),
2 of my character sketches at , and an overview of the game design at

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