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getting a variable address and/or interrupting game message

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Hello, it's been a while. I got a question. I'm playing a game. basically it's about harvesting things and farmer lifestyle. I'd like to automate some process in the game (harvesting stuffs, going to shop, selling stuff). I know it's kinda hard, but I'm willing to learn. So I think first I need to know the address of a variable in the game, and make my program act appropriately. I think this is what should my program do:
-Get address of a variable (vegetables variable)
-Tell the game to harvest vegetables
-Watch the variable, if it exceeds the threshold, tell the game to stop
-Tell the game to go to a coordinate (the shop)
-Tell the game to click / enter the house
-Tell the game to click at the NPC and choose 'sell' menu
-Tell the game to repeat the process.

There are at least two things that needs to be done. How to tell the game to do something. How to get the variable address and watch it. Good news is this game is open source and I have the source code. But I don't want to mess with it. I'd rather write my own program and make it run with the game. Anyway, please excuse me if this question sounds ridiculous or funny. I'm serious and I want to learn. Thanks. :)

Best regards,
Bow Vernon

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