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Labyrinth, my maze racing game (2nd release, free with source)

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I thought I'd share about this little game project I have worked on (and sometimes still work on) during free hours.

It's called Labyrinth.
Labyrinth is a game where you race against AI robots towards the end of a maze.
The maze is automatically generated and a new maze is generated every time the game is launched.
Labyrinth runs on Linux only (at least it was only tested only on Linux).
Labyrinth is open source (link to source below) and most of its code is homemade and done for own learning purposes.

[size="1"](Video BGM Credits http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/86120 )

I call the current version 0.6. The previous versions were mostly development versions reaching some sort of milestone.
Currently it features:

- A different random maze generated automatically every time labyrinth is run;
- Maze size is configurable;
- You can choose between two algorithms for maze generation (Prim and Kruskal);
- You can configure the number of robot enemies, (and their names and colors);
- Two types of robot AI: standard DFS and "smart" search (avoids dead-ends);
- Shows ranking of finished racers;
- Some sort of collision handling against walls (not great visually but does the job so that you don't cheat)

I take as goals for a 1.0 version:

- Allow players to start a new match without having to launch the game again;
- Provide a main menu for game start/quit/basic configuration;
- Menu configurations should be number/parameters of enemies, algorithm, size;
I know there could be lots of other features but I guess for it to be an at least distributable game this is the least necessary.
I also find adding a menu to a game like this much more complicated than creating the whole game.

Labyrinth is written in C++ and uses only OpenGL, glut, OpenAL, alut and glm (gl mathematics).
The game uses .wav files for music, .obj files for models and .tga files for textures. The loaders are part of the source.
Models were made and exported with Blender.
Music loop was taken from some free web source and cut with Audacity.
Textures were also taken from the web and edited mostly with The Gimp and Imagemagick.

The source code is fully available on a git repository at: https://github.com/enunes/labyrinth
There is also a readme in on github with some more info.

If you happen to watch/test it, I'd really enjoy some feedback!
I'm also accepting suggestions and bug reports.
My site (with my contacts and a few other stuff) is: https://sites.google...nuneserico/home .
I'm also at @nunes_erico .

Thank you for your attention!

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