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Shape casting a capsule against a convex polyhedra

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Let's say I have a upright capsule shape (swept sphere) that I would like to cast it along a velocity vector. I would like to be able to find the [b][i]point of contact[/i][/b] and a [b][i]surface normal[/i][/b] for any convex shapes it would intersect along this path. I would also like to find the distance the swept caspule traveled to the point of first contact.

Heres a quick diagram of a capsule being casted against a large convex polyhedra (only one face is drawn) [img][/img]

What kind of algorithm or process could do this? I assume it would be similar to a sphere-cast, but i can't find much on that either.

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You'll need to google for Minkowski Difference.

In short the convex shape grows by the shape of capsule, and the capsule shrinks to a single point at the origin, then the test simplifies to a point vs convex object test.

If you want time of intersection, you shoot a ray from the origin along the velocity of the object, the point of intersection and normal on the Minkowski Difference are the things you are after :)

You can see how it all works here:



Cheers, Paul.

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