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Feature Request about floating constants

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Hello! Thanks for this great library. But I have some request.

1. I want to use floating constant in script as my original type directly.
For example, "0.1" in script can be regarded as of my type, such as fixed-point number, not float or double.

I now use my special type "dec", fixed-point number, storeing 2^16times of original value to the primitive type "int".
When register my function "func(dec, ...)", "func(double, ...)" is needed for convenience.
It is verbose, so I want not to do so.

Is it possible that embedded constants in binary code is of original type?
In other words, converting string to original type is done while Build().

2. I want to use hexadecimal floating constants in script, which is seen in C99 feature, etc.

I hope hex float could be also regarded as my own type.

Thank you. I wish you understand me.

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