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I have 2 little questions about HLSL shader registers:

1. According to this site: , VS 3.0 offers at least 256 constant registers. Does this number refer to the number of the float registers c0, c1 etc. or is this the sum of ALL registers (integer, float and bool registers)?

2. If I want to update a single float variable in my shader per SetVertexShaderConstantF, is the following code correct?
float foo = ... // This is the value I want to put in the shader variable
float data[4] = { foo, 0, 0, 0 };
device->SetVertexShaderConstant(0, data, 1);
Is this code correct? I need this float array, don't I?

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1. The number of registers is here: [url=""][/url]

2. You'll need to pass a pointer to 4 floats minimum. So you can either use an array like that, or you can use a structure (like D3DXVECTOR4) that has 4 contiguous floats in memory.

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