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AngelScript 2.21.1 released

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A new version is here. The main novelty in this version is the addition of the object flag asOBJ_ASHANDLE, that will allow the application to register a value type that will behave as a handle. With this I've implemented the add-on CScriptHandle, which is a generic handle type. This type behaves as if it was the base class of all reference types, script classes and application types alike.

Some other important updates include the support for native calling conventions on Win64 with MinGW (Thanks _Vicious_), and the new add-on CSerializer, and finally that the clib has been updated to the latest interface.

The CSerializer add-on allow the application to temporarily store all the variables in a module and then restore them after recompiling the script. Thanks goes to FDsagizi who implemented this add-on.


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