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Getting a file types icon

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How would one get the icon of a particular file type like in ''My Computer''. I have a list box with a list of files of various extensions, and I need to get the file-type icon and specify the icon when the ListBox item is inserted. For example if I had a BMP file to add to the listbox, the icon would be the icon with the shapes and brush.

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Look in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT in the registry. The ".bmp" key will have a value (Default) which is the name of another key in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. Look in there and you'll find another key named "Default Icon". The (Default) value in there is the name of the icon (the path + the icon's number in that file).

You can use ExtractIcon to get the handle of the icon (HICON) from that file.

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Programmatically, you''ll need to use SHGetFileInfo( most of these ''shell'' type functions begin with SH.. helpful for MSDN searching )...

Here is a code snippet:

ZeroMemory( &stInfo, sizeof( SHFILEINFO ) );

//--Lets get the HICON, as well as the location info..
// Note that you are responsible for cleaning up the HICON
// with DestroyIcon( HICON ), after you have used it..
// ie, you''re done drawing...
if( SHGetFileInfo( "c:\\bug.txt", 0, &stInfo,
//--Let''s display the icon...
m_staticImage.SetIcon( stInfo.hIcon );

m_staticImage is a CStatic object. If you wanted to display in a list ctrl, you''d need to create an image list..

Hope that is helpful..


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