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Programming a mud for IPX users,Help

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As a university student,I find it interesting to make a mud just for IPX users(our computers are connected by IPX) Details: Since I don''t know how to program this game on C,I write something like this: 1.Monsters,I''ve defined a "monster class": HP,AC,dmg_melee,addon_dmg_melee,dmg_fire,dmg_lighting,dmg_poison, addon_dmg_fire,addon_dmg_lighting,addon_dmg_poison,AI,Resist_Physical,Resist_fire,resist_lighting,resist_poison,Description,Kind. i.e. Minion of Destruction: HP:400,dmg_melee:80,addon_dmg_melee:1(stun),dmg_fire:0,dmg_lighting:0,dmg_poison:0,addon_dmg_fire:0 addon_dmg_lighting:0,addon_dmg_poison:0,AI:1(Chase player),Resist_physical:50,resist_fire:0,resist_lighting:0, resist_poison:50,Description:As the pet of the Lord of Destruction,Baal,they are the true nightmares for even the most skilled fighters...,Kind:Demon. 2.Fight I plan to release a demo first,in which there are no objectives, you just kill monsters(of course,I''ll add a storyline later) i.e. *************Glory and Blood demo************** You(HellEnder) entered the Throne of Baal Difficulty:normal Jack(Fighter) and Mary(Wizard) has already been there. There are three Minion of Destruction roaring. It''s jack''s turn. Jack swings a giant axe and does 60 dmg to Minion of Destruction1 It''s Minion of Destruction2''s turn Minion of Destruction2 hit Mary with its powerful claw and hurt her.Mary is badly hurt and stunned. It''s Your turn! attack MoD1(these are the commands the player typed) HellEnder attacked Minion of Destruction1 with a trident,but he missed,oh no! *************Glory and Blood demo************** Mmmm,that''s all that I got in the last 2 hours'' thinking :-) but I can''t find things about programming this in C! Help me!

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So what are you asking for, people who can program, or tutorials to learn C?

If your looking to learn C/C++, then i suggest buying a book on the subject from your local book store (or online). You might also check out www.cprogramming.com, or www.about.com, in the computing and technology section... Thre are also some articles here at gamedev in the reference section. You might also try looking for a computer science class...

If your looking for someone to help you, then count me out...

If you''d like to email me (captainwibbles@yahoo.ca) about certain questions, i could get back to you, and maybe even help you learn c or something... I check my email at least once a day, usually around or shortly after lunch...

Good idea though, and i wish you luck...


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I just don''t know how to program such things,you see,I know how to program in C,but I don''t know where to begin with.
I think my game is similar to a mud(or,multipal players of zork)
Maybe I shall find some tutorials on mud programming,Mmmmm...

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