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poly reducer in blender

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knobby67    126
hi All,
I'm trying to reduce the number of polygons in a model using blender, I need to use the poly reduction script rather than the decicator (sp) tool to keep the text coordinates. When I've looked up how to use it it tells me

Mode: Edit Mode (Mesh)

Menu: Mesh ? Scripts ? Poly Reducer

However in blender 2.59 when I go to edit mode then click on mesh none of the "drop downs" are scripts. Is this somewhere else in blender 2.59, or do I need to do something to enable scripts?

PS I'm a programmer so I'm not really use to blender so any advice will be helpfull.

Thanks all! :)

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JTippetts    12950
If I remember correctly, that was a script that was usable in the 2.4 version, and I don't think it has been updated for 2.5. At least, I don't see it anywhere in the addons. You might need to downgrade to a 2.4 version to use it for now.

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