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Character Blocking ?

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Hi guys

I want to make a game on phone but what are my restrictions when it comes to memory ?

The old way would be create the background in pre-calculated blocks to save memory or use a character block program. ... does this matter now ?

How does this apply to using flash for creating phone or pc games ?

Idea for game
2d side scrolling beat em up old school style e.g double dragon, final fight
will be using own art work would prefer if can use long levels and have good amount detail if possible.

thank you for reading any help would be much appreciated ...
(yes I m gonna look at the basic game making programs too ^^ but they look too ugly blocky from the ones i ve seen. )

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I'm not entirely sure what this post is really asking, but here goes a +1.

Our only limitation is basically what our hardware and devices will allow.

That being said, you can create any type of game for a mobile device such as a phone. It all comes down to how efficient your code is and how good you are at memory management.

I'm not sure what you mean by "pre-calculated blocks" or a "character block program", but I believe you're referring to a 2D tile based system.

Tile systems are not memory efficient simply because they are tile based systems; they are efficient because people make them efficient, just like people make 3D games efficient. You'd be surprised at how much memory a 2D tile based game could use if not optimized and no caching was happening.

I think you should research game development a little more. It's more advanced than just Flash if you're trying to make a mobile game, or any game really that incorporates multiplayer, coop or online play. I think you should learn a programming language and really learn how this stuff works, but to each their own.


If i were to suggest a language to start with, go with Python or C#.

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Cheers for the reply :)... yeah sorry for being unclear ..

but you more or less answered my question .. each mobile phone has there own memory constraints ...

yeah i know using game maker or flash programs are inefficient but i don't think i have the the brain power or time to learn how to program .. I was taught a little pascal and C but didn't think i really knew what i was doing ..

thanks should start getting my head down ....

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I was in the same boat as you 6 months ago; I didn't know any sort of object oriented programming language. I had minor experience with Flash and HTML back when Myspace was big, and I did layouts for friends and stuff. I would look at a page of source code and cringe in fear of learning that stuff but, the only way to learn something like this is by making a conscious effort.

My math skills are still sub-par (I would give myself the level of high school algebra and trig), so you don't need to be the brightest bulb in the box to start learning how to program, but at least now I know how to use code the right way (for the most part), and now I'm leading an MMO project... and I know what I need to do and how to do most of it. Anything can be tricky at first when you haven't tried it.

If you can figure out what 3[sup]2[/sup] is and 3[sup]3[/sup] is without thinking for more than 3 seconds or doing it out on paper, you're golden.

I still have MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more to learn... and am nowhere yet in the grand scheme of things, but I try to keep an open, learning mind all the time.

Start by at least teaching yourself some programming basics or 101, then grab a high level language such as Python or C sharp. Read the online documentation for it. Find examples. Give yourself homework assignments. Practice. The knowledge you'll gain will snowball into a massive mental rolodex of information, and the more you use a language, the faster you'll remember things about it and the way it works, but once you've at least picked up the basics of functional and object oriented programming, learning a new language is basically just learning its syntax (where certain things belong i.e; brackets, semi-colons, etc) and method names.

If you believe you can accomplsih something, you will. If you don't, you won't.

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