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[java] Java is Good

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Ok, so I've noticed the last few weeks (months, years...?) quite a few differing opinions on the capabilities of the Java language and JVM on these boards. I could post the results of some performance test or another, but as many people have said: those tests usually only show what the tester wanted them to show. So instead I am posting an actual Java app I found on the net that shows a bit of what java can really do. While digging through the web last night looking for info on Game Boy Advance development, demos, etc, I came across a neat GBA 3D flythrough demo here: As cool as that may be, what's even cooler is that on that page the demo is running in a GBA emulator written in Java. The emulator runs as fast as the GBA, and it works in VMs as outdated as Microsoft's VM they ship with IE. I just thought that this is an excellent example of how Java can be used for intensive tasks like hardware emulation. Not only can Java be used for basic 3D, but it can emulate hardware that can be used for basic 3D. The emulator is called BoycottAdvance, and the homepage can be found here: Hope this gives some confidence to the young java developers out there. Get those byte codes to scream! "If consquences dictate our course of action, it doesn't matter what's right, it's only wrong if you get caught." - Tool Edited by - wayfarerx on September 21, 2001 5:10:18 PM

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