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BUILDINGS, RUNWAYS- how to render & texture?

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Hi! I would like to include a runway in my flight simlator but don''t actually know what is the right way to do so! Is it just a simple flat textured quad placed on the top of flat surface (terrain)? or there is a different way of doing this??? Also I want to add a few simple buildings! is it just the same way as with runways?? just textured quads everywhere? if so, do I render buildings separately from the terrain or they should be rendered all together ie. terrain & buildings as one thing and stored eg. in 1 vertex array?? Last question!!!- I''ve got one texture (256x256) of a building split into pieces which are all within one .bmp image. I am very curious how do u texture eg. a whole building with only one texture?? do u only extract a certain bit of an image at a time ie. write an algorithm that reads eg. 20 columns out of 256 & same with rows? if you know any good links or tutorials on this then please let me know asap!!!!!! Any help will be appreciated!!! thanks a lot!!

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I would do the runway as a big textured quad, unless it needs to be dynamically lit, in which case you you should split it up into many smaller quads.

How you make buildings depends on how detailed you want them. You could just make a textured box, but that''d look like crap up close, unless you had a really detailed and high-res texture. You probably won''t be getting a good look at it in a flight sim though, and you need as many polygons as you can get, so a box would probably work. Maybe add a polygonal door at the bottom and some street lights here and there to make it seem more like a city.

And to texture the whole building with one map, yes, you can use a small area of the texture map. Maybe your 3D modeller won''t be able to select exact coordinates, but as a programmer it''s very easy to do. Of course, that means you''ll have to either define the vertices of your building in the actual program, or figure out how to edit the vertex data in your model file and then save the changes you make to it.

And to render buildings, you''ll have to wait for someone else to reply^^ I''m pretty newbie in the world of 3D programming, so I don''t know what would be fastest. I''d probably render the terrain as a heightmap and then everything else as normal objects, but it might be faster to render the objects first, since they''d cover up quite a few of the landscape''s polygons, which might be faster, since it wouldn''t have to render any pixels twice (once for terrain, once for objects covering terrain)


DK Art (my site, which has little programming-related stuff on it, but you should go anyway^_^)

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