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Passing Address of Index/Vertex buffer

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O.k right now i have an index and vertex buffer that is private data in a class.... I am attempting to pass the address of this structure out of the class so i can temporarily scan through the data to test for mouse selection using this simple code
LPDIRECT3DVERTEXBUFFER8* Square::ReturnVertexData()
	return &VertexData;
then i use a variable in the calling function defined as this
the problem seems to appear when i want to unlock,lock or release these objects
VertexBuf->Lock( 0,0,(BYTE**)&pVertices, 0 );
the compiler says "left of '->Lock' must point to class/struct/union" which usually means I dont have the correct level of indirection associated with the variable my main question is How do i get around this? any ideas would be appreciated...this is starting to drive me crazy! Thanks for any help Mark Edited by - MarkO on September 21, 2001 8:55:34 PM

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Just goes to show what staring at a screen for too long will do
That seems to have cleared the problem up..at least no errors or crashes yet
Anyways I had tried something similiar earlier with one of my more complex objects and i got a major crash windows exception which usually happens when i overun memory I am not supposed to be in
Thanks for the help

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