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TCP Listener

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Hello, I'm tryinyg to make a TCP listener in visual basic 2010 requested at college. I manage to create the TCPclient but haven't been able to create the TCP listener class. I have some examples, but I don't know how to set the code. I'm using the visual studio 2010 windows form application to program the TCP, but I'm not sure how to set the design, I don't know if the code goes in a button, a text box, label, etc. It will be really helpful if someone help me get an example of the design. Here is the code I have and I'm trying to use to create a good and simple TCP server. If someone can help me with these I'll be really grateful.

[color="Blue"]Imports System [color="Blue"]Imports System.IO [color="Blue"]Imports System.Net [color="Blue"]Imports System.Net.Sockets [color="Blue"]Imports System.Text [color="Blue"]Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic [color="Blue"]Class MyTcpListener [color="Blue"]Public [color="Blue"]Shared [color="Blue"]Sub Main() [color="Blue"]Dim server [color="Blue"]As TcpListener server=[color="Blue"]nothing [color="Blue"]Try [color="Green"]' Set the TcpListener on port 13000. [color="Blue"]Dim port [color="Blue"]As Int32 = 13000 [color="Blue"]Dim localAddr [color="Blue"]As IPAddress = IPAddress.Parse([color="#A31515"]"") server = [color="Blue"]New TcpListener(localAddr, port) [color="Green"]' Start listening for client requests. server.Start() [color="Green"]' Buffer for reading data [color="Blue"]Dim bytes(1024) [color="Blue"]As [color="Blue"]Byte [color="Blue"]Dim data [color="Blue"]As [color="Blue"]String = [color="Blue"]Nothing [color="Green"]' Enter the listening loop. [color="Blue"]While [color="Blue"]True Console.Write([color="#A31515"]"Waiting for a connection... ") [color="Green"]' Perform a blocking call to accept requests. [color="Green"]' You could also user server.AcceptSocket() here. [color="Blue"]Dim client [color="Blue"]As TcpClient = server.AcceptTcpClient() Console.WriteLine([color="#A31515"]"Connected!") data = [color="Blue"]Nothing [color="Green"]' Get a stream object for reading and writing [color="Blue"]Dim stream [color="Blue"]As NetworkStream = client.GetStream() [color="Blue"]Dim i [color="Blue"]As Int32 [color="Green"]' Loop to receive all the data sent by the client. i = stream.Read(bytes, 0, bytes.Length) [color="Blue"]While (i <> 0) [color="Green"]' Translate data bytes to a ASCII string. data = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetString(bytes, 0, i) Console.WriteLine([color="#A31515"]"Received: {0}", data) [color="Green"]' Process the data sent by the client. data = data.ToUpper() [color="Blue"]Dim msg [color="Blue"]As [color="Blue"]Byte() = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(data) [color="Green"]' Send back a response. stream.Write(msg, 0, msg.Length) Console.WriteLine([color="#A31515"]"Sent: {0}", data) i = stream.Read(bytes, 0, bytes.Length) [color="Blue"]End [color="Blue"]While [color="Green"]' Shutdown and end connection client.Close() [color="Blue"]End [color="Blue"]While [color="Blue"]Catch e [color="Blue"]As SocketException Console.WriteLine([color="#A31515"]"SocketException: {0}", e) [color="Blue"]Finally server.[color="Blue"]Stop() [color="Blue"]End [color="Blue"]Try Console.WriteLine(ControlChars.Cr + [color="#A31515"]"Hit enter to continue....") Console.Read() [color="Blue"]End [color="Blue"]Sub [color="Green"]'Main [color="Blue"]End [color="Blue"]Class [color="Green"]'MyTcpListener

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