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ASE file problem

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OK. so I knocked up a quick ASE converter to extract the hierarchical information ( Transforms ) for each object. I assumed that the keywords *TM_ROW0 to *TM_ROW3 were the four rows of the local space transformation matrix of the appropriate object ( the fourth column being 0,0,0,1 of course ). BUT.... my object nodes WILL NOT connect correctly... do I need to rotate this matrix, invert axes or what ? I am using the usual D3D co-ordinate system and axes but after rotating these local matrices by everything I can think of, flipping axes etc. I still cannot create the correct hierarchy. What on earth does 3DSMAX do with its transforms when puuting them into an ASE file ? HELP!!

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Perhaps you could try transposing the matrices.

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Yeah, I know I''m replying to mt own question... but I think the
interpretation may have something to do with the keywords:

*TM_SCALEAXIS 1.0000 -0.0000 -0.0000

I suspect that the object may have to be re-oriented to a new
axis or something before the transform is applied... I''m guessing

I tried the transpose but to no avail. Any idea what the
above keywords mean in the ASE file ? Better still, any idea
where I can get some decent documentation on the ASE format ?
( Why on earth does 3DSMAX make things several times more
complex than they need to be ... is it written by aliens? )

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A simple Y/Z flip on the matrix will probably do the trick.

NewRow(0) = row(0).x, row(0).z, row(0).y, row(0).w
NewRow(1) = row(2).x, row(2).z, row(2).y, row(1).w
NewRow(2) = row(1).x, row(1).z, row(1).y, row(2).w
NewRow(3) = row(3).x, row(3).z, row(3).y, row(3).w

If that doesn't work, are you sure your matrices are local? ASE doesn't handle any local transforms, you have to calculate them yourself.

local = world * inverse(parent)

Are you using the offset matrix as well? Don't worry about the scale issue, it will always be preserved when you transform in rigid body systems. In the end your implentation should look like this:

final = offset * local * parent


Edited by - mcfly on September 26, 2001 8:58:17 AM

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Thanks... I''ll try this out, I hadn''t realised that ASE files
don''t keep local transforms.

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