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Felix Ullrich

Parallax Backgrounds - Simply Move or Blit?

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Hi everyone,

right now, I'm prototyping a 2D platformer engine in Actionscript 3 (Flex IDE) that I intend to use as a prototype for implementing the same engine in C++ using the SDL library.

Right now, I'm about to code the functionality for bitmap background layers with parallax functionality.

I stumbled upon the following design/performance question:

When the bitmap layer scrolls, it's the nature of scrolling that part of the whole background image on the one side vanishes whereas on the other side new parts appear.
Now, which of the following uses less CPU/GPU power:
- Leave the background image as a whole and simply move it across the screen
- Blit only the displayed part of the background image with each loop?

Maybe there even is a performance difference in AS3 and SDL, but what do you think? My intention tells me that blitting the background area might improve the overall performance, but maybe I'm misleaded and it would be a waste of time implementing a background blitting system when it doesn't improve anything.

What do you think about this?

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