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Fitting view frustum into boundingbox

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I'm working a simple shadowmap depth map project. I'm having a hard time positioning the orthographic camera.
So i was wondering if i could make the camera fit the boundingbox of my terrain (because its big). So that my shadow map stays centered on my depth texture and uses optimal texture space.

I've looked on the internet but failed to find something helpfull.

Thanks in Advance

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This is a similar problem that is solved in cascaded shadow maps, in which different parts of the scene use different shadow maps based on distance from the camera - so you could start looking for implementations there.

The other pointer that I would give for the geometry / math side of the problem is to check out the GeometricTools (documents page) website. There are many examples, with source code, of how to do various geometry manipulations, and you should be able to find what you need there.

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