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Force between two magnets when 'B' between them is know

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[font="Trebuchet MS"]some basic physics question on magnetism[/font]

[font="Trebuchet MS"]I need to compute the vector force F1 between magnet A and magnet B (both similar) at a point on a line joining their center of masses. Basically, at this point I have B1 (a 2D vector).[/font]

[font="Trebuchet MS"]I just need to convert this B1 to F1 using some formula/method (in an openGL simulation). [/font]

[font="Trebuchet MS"]Assume m1, m2 as magnetic moments, r as the distance vector between the two center of masses[/font]

[font="Trebuchet MS"]Can someone put some thought to this?[/font]

[font="Trebuchet MS"]Regards,

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Do you want to know the net force exerted on a point by two nearby magnets, or do you need to know the force between the two magnets? Your wording is kinda confusing.

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