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Point Picking and Lighting in Direct3D

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1) How can I accurately pick a coordinate within a scene? Put an object over there
2) How can I control lighting in D3D? Do ambient lighting, directional lighting.
Are there guidelines on these sorts of topics?

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To pick a coordinate in 3d space, you will first need to transform the 2d cursor coordinates on your screen to a 3d ray in view space, then transform that 3d ray in view space to a 3d ray in world space. Then if your just trying to pick a specific point, you would test to see if the ray intersected with that point. If your trying to test if the ray picked an object, you will test each triangle in the object for an intersection with the line.

For lighting, there are many different ways to do it, and many many lessons and tutorials on the internet. These are questions that shouldn't be too difficult to find the answer to using google ;)

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