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[D3D9] Anybody had this PIX problem before?

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Hi all,

I'm having a PIX issue that's confusing me. The thing is, this only happens if I select "Single frame capture whenever F12 is pressed", and it only happens while the application is running. If I capture a frame and look at it, all the API calls are there, and the data and rendering is correct for each API call.

The problem I'm having then running it is that the rendering becomes complete garbage (primitives become distorted, UV's stretched, drawcalls seem to be interrupted in the middle of the call (such as text rendering stopping after rendering a couple of characters)).

When running it from Visual Studio, I'm using the debug libs, I've #define D3D_DEBUG_INFO before the includes, I've cranked up the D3D Control panel to maximum debug output level, maximum validation, break on memory leaks, break on d3d9 error, and enable shader debugging, and I've also run it through the REF rasterizer.

Not a single warning (yes, I've eliminated all redundant state setting), and running through REF looks perfect. I've run it on both AMD and Nvidia cards, and the behaviour is the same: No warnings, looks and works fine as standalone and running through Visual Studio (in both debug and release builds), garbage when running through PIX if PIX is set to "Single frame capture...", but when inspecting the API calls in the captured frame works fine.

Thankful for any insight you might have on this :)

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